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We the Parents is a voluntary organization in West Virginia. Our mission is to advocate for parents' rights to make health, welfare, and education decisions for their children and families. Empowered parents create healthy and happy families.

  Our 2013 Goals

We the Parents has grown over the past year into a statewide voluntary group of parents who are motivated to see West Virginia move forward. We have targeted the following projects to empower and support parents in their quest for parental rights.

For over a decade, parents have asked legislators for a non-medical exemption regarding childhood vaccines for school entrance. 48 states maintain these exemptions, most for over 50 years. WTP will advocate via legislation for this basic parental right.

In 2012, WTP filed suit against WV DHHR regarding their authority to write laws which mandate medical procedures; laws which carry both civil and criminal sanction. The circuit court ruling was not in our favor, and that case is currently being appealed to the WV Supreme Court.

Is there a parental rights issue that you'd like us to consider? Please contact us, and we will be happy to consider how it impacts WV parents and families.

Did you know that there is now a FORM to submit for a medical exemption regarding childhood vaccine requirements in WV? Did you also know that the local health officer (health department) has THIRTY DAYS to provide a response? Most parents are unaware of these changes due to lack of public sharing, but you may download it here

  Latest News

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